Sunday, November 04, 2007

Flower of Islam Blossoms During War

It is not unusual to meet soldiers who have embraced Islam during the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, but it is not as often we read of the higher-ranking soldiers who accept the mercy of Islam. NATO International Security Assistance Force Commander for the Ghazni Province in Afghanistan, Captain Cormier Michael has publicly embraced Islam during his current post in the region. Captain Michael, who commands the 300 ISAF troops in Ghazni, has been studying books on Islam for the past five years, which lead him to the conclusion that ‘Islam is the first religion’.

The past ten months in Ghazni has only reinforced his beliefs, being impressed by the actions of his personal translator as well as the community around him. The ceremony held for his acceptance of Islam was attended by The Ghazni governor, district chief, provincial council members, local officials, elders, ISAF soldiers and students who celebrated with him for over 3 hours. Abdul Wahed as he is now known after changing his name gave a brief speech during the ceremony and during an interview afterwards added that: "Islam is a religion of peace and brotherhood, but terrorists and extremists are bringing a bad name to it."

Even during war, with all of its trials and tribulations, the purity and truth of Islam has opened another heart. This is just another in a long line of soldiers who have experienced this rejuvenation of faith, let us hope it continues and eventually helps to force the hand of the US government, making them abandon their tactics of occupation and devastation. When the people you send to destroy, become of those you seek to destroy, how long can you continue?


Elm said...

Salam Hamza
Thank you for this WONDERFUL article.

Hamza Hashem said...

Salam Elm,

It it truly a pleasure for me to bring forth stories such as this. It is very refreshing to know that there is still hope.