Saturday, July 29, 2006

Last Words

I see the bombs explode
I watch the blood flow
The smell of death
Fills my nose

I run and fall
As you break through my walls
Tears of pain
Cover my shame

I watch your plan
To steal our land
And with no remorse
You stay your course

How many must die
As we stand and cry
How do we deal with the injustice
As the world watches us

I now will pay the price
For my peoples freedom
With pride and sacrifice
I offer my life

1 comment:

nooreen said...

"Tears of pain
Cover my shame" powerful and so true, Hamza.What is happening in that far away land is so hurtfully shameful.However ,while we from the west shares their tears, those rulers in middle east would not even raise their royal eyes!!!.The picture adds to the effect Hamza, although I have seen the same picture many many times.